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Dr. Eduardo César Gerding
Dr. Eduardo César Gerding was born in Buenos Aires on August 23rd, 1950 and joined the Argentine Navy in 1976 . He was the first physician assigned to the transport ship ARA “Canal Beagle” during the 1978 conflict with Chile. 
Since 1987 till 1990 he was appointed Chief of the Medical Department of the Marine Corps 5th Battalion in Río Grande (Tierra del Fuego). 
Former Chief of Gastroenterology at the Buenos Aires Naval Hospital. He retired as Lieutenant Commander Medicine Doctor. 
Member of the Roddis Society for the History of Navy Medicine ( USA ). Founder in Argentina of the SARRRAH Project together with the University of Lübeck and the DGzRS (German Maritime Rescue Service) .

In 2006, after his lecture at Willoughby Hall ( University of Nottingham ) he founded in Argentina the "Nottingham-Malvinas Group". 
Dr Gerding is Chief of the Medical Division of the Malvinas War Veterans´ Health Department at the INSSJP

In September 2008 was appointed Member of the Scientific Committee of the International Review of the Armed Forces Medical Services.

I founded the Nottingham-Malvinas group after returning from an uplifting International Colloquium held at Willoughby Hall, Nottingham University in November 2006 between Argentine and British war veterans of the 1982 conflict. 

Such bond has served for brave men of both sides to understand what really happened during the combat not only from the military point of view but as a tool for assisting in the recovery of many of them who suffered from PTSD We´ve gone further in this reconciliation by providing support, getting updated information on prevalent medical conditions and applying our joint efforts to stop the dreadful toll of suicides. 

I´ve been walking the road and sharing with them the normal life´s cycles. This web depicts the sequence of activities of our group, some of which have been published by the International Review of Military Medicine (Belgium).