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2016 - Poem for a Veteran of Sapper Hill

Poem for a Veteran of Sapper Hill


José Rubén Yunez, was born in Monte Caseros on February 4th, 1962 and participated for 72 days in the 1982 conflict for the recovery of the Malvinas Islands. His grandparents entered the country in 1920 from the ancient city of Damascus, which is the second largest city in Syria and Beirut main seaport of Lebanon. They settled in Mercedes (Province of Corrientes) and had 8 children.

José did his military service in the city of La Plata in 1981 where after two months of training he was assigned to Rio Grande (Tierra del Fuego ) Marine Corps Battalion No. 5 (BIM 5). His company commander was Marine Corps Active Sub Lieutenant Daniel Horacio Guillen at the Company Command , Logistics Support , Communications Section , the chief Battalion being Marine Corps Frigate Captain Carlos Hugo Robacio.

Conscript José Rubén Yunez
(Kindly submitted by Susana L. Meza)

On June 14 at 10 am there was a cease of fire. But in Sapper Hill the BIM 5 reorganized themselves to continue the fight. However, the Commander of the Unit received superior orders to cease fighting and retract his battalion into the town.

'We were led to an area that the company would rest at for the night, I still took in the fact the Argies had prepared Sapper Hill well, they had depth positions that would have made the task of taking it very hard. (Taken from the diary of Guardsman Tracy Evans, who served in 4 Platoon, 2 Company, 1st Battalion Welsh Guards)

José remembers when they dug foxholes and the first bombings. Many of his comrades died in those last days. José remembers the cold weather but also his love for the islands. He finally returned to the mainland aboard the ARA Bahía Paraiso. Every April 2 José remembers the fallen and burst into tears when talking about it.

His wife Susana Lidia Meza, writer, born in the same town on September 26th, 1962, attended primary school Pedro Romulo Tuotti No. 246, high school at the Institute of Commerce Pedro Demetrio Atamañuk, tertiary at the Institute I 20 Alfredo Pedro Meyer and in 1988 studied Spanish and Literature.

Susana lived in Cordoba in 1986 and José in Buenos Aires in 1987. Then, at different times, both returned to their hometown, started dating and married years later.


It is interesting to note that between 12 and 14 pm British Sea King helicopters carrying Royal Marines who had joined the Welsh Guards were headed to Sapper Hill. The rear combat (3rd Section of the Mar Company ,BIM 5) went into action. Midshipman Marine Corps Alexander Koch, the current Chief Petty Officer Marine Corps Daniel Benitez, Atilio Romero, Gabriel Rodriguez, Sergio Gonzalez, Ismael Torres and Jorge Santana were among the 45 Argentines who fought back the landing helicopters which were advancing on Sapper Hill. Argentines used the following weapons: FAL rifles, FAP, MAG machine guns and rocket launchers. Two British helicopters were hit and a Royal Marine was wounded in his arm. During the exchange of fire three Marine Corp were KIA : CC62 Roberto Leyes, CC62 Eleodoro Monzón and CC62 Sergio Ariel Robledo and a WIA .

José Rubén Yunes and his current wife 
Lidia Susana Meza during dating times.
(Kindly submitted by Susana L. Meza)

Susana decided to dedicate a poem to her husband whom she loves and admires. She participated with his poem On April 2nd ,that was selected among 6000 participants, in the call from Dunken printing house.

On April 2th

I have a hidden tear
that I kept for you.
To accompany you in your moments,
your memories,
in the cold of peat,
on the white rocks of Sapper Hill.

I have a hidden tear
that I kept for you.
To accompany at night
when I saw you mourning
I want to dry your tears
here, with all this love.

I have a hidden tear
that I kept for you.
I have a Malvinas handkerchief
that will accompany your pain
each April 2 ...

To my beloved husband.

"There was once in 1982 an 18 years-old man with a rifle in Malvinas, in the vastness of the islands under a blue sky, in moist peat, on white rocks, in the sea sight, in a foxhole…."

Susana Lidia Meza.

Dunken printing house kindly published a book free which is a compilation of poetry and short stories, in which 89 national writers participated including Ms. Susana Meza and two foreign writers. It was on display at the Book Fair 2015.

Current photo: José Rubén Yunes and his wife Lidia Susana Meza
(Kindly submitted by Susana L. Meza.)


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