Thursday, 8 December 2016

2016 - Argentine Military Health Working Sessions on Malvinas.

Argentine Military Health Working 
Sessions on Malvinas.

Speaker: Colonel (Ret) James Michael Ryan L/RAMC

Eduardo C. Gerding

From 7 to 9 November 2016 Argentine Military Health Working Sessions on Malvinas were held in Buenos Aires at the Great Hall of the General Technical School Major-General Manuel Nicolas Savio . The opening was done by General San Clemente Horacio Magallanes, General Director of the Central Military Hospital Surgeon Dr. Cosme Argerich

Among the Argentine speakers were Colonel Medicine Doctor VGM Alejandro María Steverlynck (Organization and Functioning of the Argentine Health Service during the Malvinas Campaign) which due to an indisposition could not be given by Colonel Medicine Doctor (Ret) VGM Enrique Mariano Ceballos and Limb Wounds in Combat) , Colonel (Ret) VGM Antonio Serafín Pignataro ( Trench foot), Colonel (Ret) VGM Héctor Molina (Sanitary Evacuation), Commander Medicine Doctor (Ret) VGM Alberto Deluchi Levene (Health Service action during the sinking of the cruiser ARA General Belgrano), Colonel Medicine Doctor Carlos Victor Iglesias (History of the Combatant´s Psychophysical Recovery) and Major Medicine Doctor VGM Martin Bourdieu (Argentine Combatant´s Psychophysical Recovery).

As a foreign guest we had the presence of the Colonel James Michael Ryan L/RAMC who gave a lecture on the UK System during Operation Corporate and the Combatant´s Psychophysical Recovery. From the different lectures given by Colonel Ryan I have selected and translated into Spanish one whose original text in English I here attach as PowerPoint titled: A Review of Medical Care after 34 Years. This last was kindly supplied to me by Brigadier General VGM (R) Sergio Fernández President of the Malvinas Veterans' Association. (AVEGUEMA).

Colonel (Ret) James Michael Ryan L/RAMC
(Kindly submitted by VGM Silvia Barrera)

Colonel (Ret) James Michael Ryan L/RAMC is MB, BCH, BAO, University College Dublin (1970) and completed his specialization at the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1982.

Ryan was awarded with the Montefiore Medal (RAMC) (1982) and the Michael E. De Bakey International Military Surgeons Award (USUHS) in 2004. In 1973 received the United Nations Medal-Cyprus and as a result of his work in Malvinas the South Atlantic Medal Falkland Islands Campaign 1982 with Rosette.

In 2004 was honoured with the Officer (Brother) of the Venerable Order of St John of Jerusalem (OSTJ) and four years later became Honorary Fellow Royal Soc Medicine. In 2011 was awarded Officer, Order of the British Empire (OBE).

Ryan was Director of Trauma UCLH Leonard Cheshire Professor of Conflict Recovery , Joint Professor of Military Surgery (1990-1994) and Director of Army Surgery, Ministry of Defense. 

Colonel Ryan is Emeritus Professor of Conflict & Catastrophe Medicine at St George´s University of London (SGUL). 

( Kindly submitted by VGM Silvia Barrera)

Colonel (Ret) James Michael Ryan and to his left Sergeant VGM Juan Gualberto Vallejos from Corrientes who belonged to the Company A Regiment 3 who lost his right leg on Wireless Ridge towards the end of the war. Vallejos fought 67 days. As he says, "was 25 years old when the conflict happened, and thanks to my family, was able to read the gospel and the message God had for me, which allowed me to overcome the psychic, social and emotional problems, leaving aside resentment and preaching the word of the Lord. Vallejos is a preacher at an evangelical church and since 2006 works at the Generation of Heroes Foundation where he provides material and spiritual assistance (The