Monday, 11 December 2017

2017 - The Medical Plan for Operation Corporate

The Medical Plan for Operation Corporate

                                  Cnel James Michael Ryan OBE, OStJ

On November 15, 2017, Cnel James Michael Ryan, gave a lecture  about The Medical Plan for Operation Corporate at the Barber-Surgeons ` Hall and Arms in London.


Like many other associations in London, the Barber´s Guild had at first a religious character and its first reference was when Richard le Barber was presented to the Court of Aldermen in 1308 and therefore accredited as Master of the Company.

At that time the barbers also practiced minor surgery, such as bleeding, extraction of teeth and drainage of abscesses. There were very few surgeons and there was a rivalry with the barbers.

Thomas Vicary, surgeon of Henry VIII introduced the rules for the practices of surgeons. The Barbers´Company and Surgeons` was founded in 1540. In 1745 the Barbers separated from the Surgeons. The former kept the Hall and the later founded the Company of Surgeons which became the Royal College of Surgeons.

The Hall was destroyed by the fire of 1666 and later by bombs in 1940. A new hall was opened in 1969. This association is one of the 110 Livery Companies of London (it includes Associations of Commerce and Guilds). It is designated as Worshipful Company of Barbers. Every two years there is a lecture paying homage to this association.(The Company of Barbers and Surgeons J R Soc Med. 2001 Oct; 94 (10): 548-549.).

Dr. Ryan has kindly authorized me to upload his lecture in the blog which I translated as well into Spanish for our medicine doctors.

                                                                Dr. Eduardo C. Gerding

 On the right Cnel James Michael Ryan OBE, OStJ and on the left Surg Lt Cdr Jowan Penn-Barwell RN .(Kindly submitted by Dr. Ryan)

Major General, Sirs, Maams, Ladies and Gentlemen,
Good morning and welcome to our syndicate presentation: 
The medical plan for Operation  Corporate